samedi 7 décembre 2013

Mandela nous a quittés

Bonjour à tous,

Hier une étoile s'est éteinte. J'ai reçu ce mail d'une amie et cela m'a particulièrement touchée. Je voulais le partager avec vous:

"I was born in Africa. Not the South African part of it but still..... Africa 

And tonight 
my heart is bleeding....

Should you still be awake pls light a candle and have a thought for that great man.  May his soul rest in peace and I'm deeply convinced his energy will continue to look after us from whatever the place he might be now.... 
If you do, as I do, believe in the energy that remains around after our stay on this planet... Light your nearest candle, stop doing what you were busy at and thanks him deeply and honour his soul for all the things he brought to human-ity and the - is there on purpose. 
Merci Monsieur Mandela! We'll miss your strength and impressive wisdom."